Nuno Bandeira

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Prof. Nuno Bandeira is an Associate Professor at both Computer Science and Engineering and at the Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of California in San Diego. Having been trained in Computer Science and Bioinformatics, Dr. Bandeira is also the Executive Director of the UCSD/NIH Biomedical Research Center for Computational Mass Spectrometry, where he leads a team of developers who created and implement the ProteoSAFe platform for computational proteomics that has already enabled searching over 10 Billion mass spectra from thousands of users in over 70,000 search jobs.

Bandeira’s main research interests are in bioinformatics and computational biology, with a special focus on computational mass spectrometry. He particularly interested in algorithmic and statistical problems in proteomics and on how mass spectrometry instruments can be used to identify and quantify proteins, post-translational modifications, protein structure features and protein-protein interactions.

The ultimate goal of the Bandeira lab is to enable reliable, reproducible and automated identification of any class of molecules suitable for analysis with mass spectrometry instruments.