The symposium spans over 3 days and brings together an international community working on various research fields, linked together by the use of multi- meta-omics and more particularly, metaproteomics.

Therefore, the preliminary programme is organised in six sessions among which three are dedicated to topics where metaproteomics is applied. The three other sessions concern tools and methods development as well as technological innovations that will be beneficial for the general community. Invited speakers come from both the experimental, and the bioinformatics and data analysis fields to facilitate and stimulate interactions between the different members of the field. Besides scientific presentations, ample time will be given for networking and interactions during breaks, poster sessions and a social event. Finally, a concluding discussion is planned within the wrap-up session to explore and discuss perspectives for the field as well as community projects and efforts.

The detail of the different days can be found here:

Day 1 – Monday

Day 2 – Tuesday

Day 3 – Wednesday