The conference will be hold at the Abbey of Neumünster, a major historical site of Luxembourg-city and an impressive architectural achievement which has witnessed four centuries of historical upheaval.

Former Benedictine abbey, former military bastion, former prison, it is located in the old quarters on an itinerary classified as World Heritage by the UNESCO.
It is composed of a Benedictine abbey, founded in 1606, which is flanked by a building from the period of the Prussian garrison’s presence and a construction from the early 20th century. The centre thus benefits from a scenography worthy of the most extraordinary productions. In the summer, this spectacular location with the rock face, the casemates and the rivulet Alzette making its way through the valley ( according to popular myth beautiful Melusina surfaced from its depths ), serves as background to the international music festivals and occasionally to big stage productions.

More information regarding the venue and how to access it as well as concerning the hotels nearby can be found on their respective pages.